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TNPSC Science Model Question with Detailed Answer – 1

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TNPSC Science Question-1 Details:

No. of Questions : 14

Note : Detailed answers for the questions are given below each question. If any of the answers are not displaying, try by reloading the page.

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]1. The Symbol of SI Unit for “Amount of Substance” is

a) mol

b) mole

c) molecular

d) Cd


2. The instrument used to measure the altitude of an object is

a. Ammeter

b. Altimeter

c. Anemometer

d. Audiometer


3. The Wood Furniture are coated with which chemical to protect from Termite destruction

a. Copper sulphate

b. Sodium Nitrate

c. Plaster of Paris

d. Zinc chloride


4. Consider ‘Thalophyta’ in the classification of Plant Kingdom

I. This is the largest group of the Plant Kingdom
II. The body of the plants in this group are not differentiated into root, stem and leaves.

Choose the correct statement

a. I only           b. II Only
c. I and II        d. None


5. Cellular Respiration in plants takes place as

a. Plant uses Oxygen and Produces Carbon dioxide

b. Plant uses Carbon dioxide and Produces Oxygen

c. Plant uses both Oxygen and Carbon dioxide and produces water

d. None of the above


6. According to Buoyant force, When object is immersed in a fluid (liquid or gas), it experiences an apparent loss of weight which is equal to the

a) Weight of the Object itself
b) Weight of the Fluid
c) Combined weight of the Object and Fluid
d) None of the above


7. The Electrical cell converts,

a. Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy

b. Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy

c. Chemical Energy into Electrical Energy

d. All the above.


8. In Agricultural practices, the method of Irrigation in which the water is allowed to enter the field through channels made between the two rows of crops is known as

a) Basin Irrigation
b) Drip Irrigation
c) Sprinkler Irrigation
d) Furrow Irrigation


9. The openings in the Leaves, through which the air and water comes out is called as

a. Petiole

b. Stipules

c. Stomata

d. Vein


10. The Chemical reaction in which the Heat is evolved as an byproduct is known as

a. Exothermic Reaction

b. Endothermic Reaction

c. Redox Reaction

d. Combustion Reaction


11. The middle layer in the structure of Skin Tissue is

a) Hypodermis

b) Epidermis

c) Dermis

d) Follicle


12. Consider the following properties

I. Its main source is combustion of fuels
II. It reacts with hemoglobin in human blood and reduces the affinity of Oxygen with hemoglobin and this may lead to death.

Which Gas has the above properties?

a) Carbon monoxide
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Nitrogen oxides
d) Sulphur dioxide


13. The World Health Organisation defines adolescence as the period of life between

a. 9 and 18 years of age

b. 11 and 18 years of age

c. 11 and 19 years of age

d. 13 and 19 years of age


14. Match the following Vitamins and their deficiency disease

A. Vitamin A – 1. Beri – Beri

B. Vitamin K – 2. Scurvy

C. Vitamin B1 – 3. Haemorrhage

D. Vitamin C – 4. Nyctalopia


A    B    C    D

a.     3    4     2    1

b.     4    3     2    1

c.      3    4     1    2

d.      4    3     1    2

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