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TNPSC Aptitude and Mental Ability Questions with Answer – 1

8 responses on "TNPSC Aptitude and Mental Ability Questions with Answer - 1"

  1. hello sir.. i think ”8th question in aptitude and mental ability with answers1” related to lcm is wrong..
    8. Nishu and Archana can do a piece of work in 10 days and Nishu alone can do it in 12 days. In how many days can Archana do it alone?
    lcm will be 60 and answer will be 10 days i think. please check and reply sir…
    Thank you….

  2. Oopsss… Sorry sir.. wrongly posted.. 8th questions answer is right.. It was my mistake.. sorry and thank you… !!!

  3. Greetings to your team,
    Your test series are very useful to me. Please upload a aptitude videos in topic wise, it is easy to understand. Please upload soon

  4. Hi,
    Could you please mention how the 20th question was solved?

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