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Synonyms and Antonyms – General English Grammar

Synonyms and Antonyms - General English Grammar




Synonyms is defined as the word which gives exactly the same or nearly the same meaning as another word


Eg:Tiny=very Small, Fetch=Collect


sheltered – covered

tang – a strong pleasant taste

peer – look carefully

twig – small branch of a tree

crept – moved quietly

critical – important

delicious – tasty

slouched – slump/walk slovenly

fascinate – attract

endangered – in danger of extinction

extinction – defunctness

defunctness – no longer in existence

abundance – plenty

glide – move smoothly

exotic – unusal

merely – only

extinct – destroyed

tiny – very small

evasively – trying to avoid

elated – very happy

glistened – shining

dismay – disappointment

beamed –shone

shone – reflect

cease – to end

surges – rushes forward

mighty – strong

kindled – awakened

profound – deep and strong

zeal- great energy

revealed – expressed

secured – obtained

coined – created



Antonyms is defined as the word which gives the exact opposite as an another word


Eg : Ability-Inability, Private –Public


always x never

young x old

arrive x depart

absence presence

rest x act

pity x cruel

rare x common

advantage x disadvantage

cursed x blessed

except x include

dropped x continued

finishing x starting

fond x hostile

clear x dull

adverse x favourable

beggar x baron

coarse x soft

continued x stopped

apologies x accusation

scorn x admire

radically x moderately

immense x slight

allows x prevents

parched x wet

great x small

fulfil x break

rough x gentle

popular x unpopular

wizened x fresh

irritated x calm

eagerly x unwillingly

engagement x disengagement

after x before

coarse x soft

crisp x pliable



posthumously – after death

conditioned – habituated

ferocious – wild

fierce – wild

impediments – obstacles

irrefutably – convincingly

afflicted – troubled

indispensable – necessary

nagging – annoying

ripple – wave

indispensable – necessary

endowed – blessed

attributes – quality

dormant – hidden

mirth – laughter

inn – a public house

outpored – overflowing

secular – free of religion

jubilant – joyful

battered –worn out

spell – influence

furtive – secretive

stealthy – secretive

shaggy – unkempt

immaculate – clean and tidy

boorish – rude

inquisitive – curious

reminiscence – remembrance

trample – walk over

quivering – shaking

unamiably – unfriendly

gulped – swallowed

fiendish – wicked

spout – pour out

stare – look fixedly

primordial – ancient / primeval

pretext – false reason



forlon x hopeful

written x unwritten

ancient x modern

brightness x dullness

close x remote

latter x former

offend x please

mute x noisy

marvellous x ordinary

inferior x superior

confidence x diffidence

inspire x dampen

uplift x suppress

surprised x forewarn

pleasurable x painful

real x imaginary

impugn x acquit

drain x fill

fortune x misfortune

strange x common

familiar x strange

wonderful x ordinary

glum x cheerful

gentleman x ruffian

devoted x insincere

thick x thin

hope x despair

heroic x cowardly

implicit x explicit

dormant x active

harmful x useful

unfit x fit

unfit x suitable

degrading x ennobling

descent x ascent

stubborn x flexible

timid x bold

tremendous x significant

unique x common

adherence x violation

frailty x strength

fundamental x inessential

spirited x unenthusiastic

rudely x politely

relented x resisted

reluctant x eager

defeat x victory

rich x poor

convenient x inconvenient

inside x outside

everything x nothing

continued x stopped

servant x master

slipped x firmed

superficial x depth

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