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TNPSC General English Full Free Online Course By www.TNPSC.Academy

[UPDATE] – TNPSC Group 2 & 2A Test Series – 2019  – General Studies & General English

[UPDATE] – TNPSC Group 2 & 2A Test Series – 2019  – General Studies & பொதுத் தமிழ்

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Introduction – How to Approach this Free Course?

TNPSC General English by www.TNPSC.Academy is a perfect guide to study the TNPSC General English syllabus fully and also to score more marks in the optional paper. This Full Free Course has been prepared strictly adhering to the revised TNPSC General English Syllabus and also covers all the TNPSC Group 2, Group 2A, Group 3, Group 4, VAO Optional Subjects.

This General English Course is based on the English literature of revised Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi syllabus, which gives you step by step approach to complete the study module.

This TNPSC General English Full Free Course has been prepared with at most conscious and keeping in mind all the relevance of TNPSC General English Optional Paper. All discussions, comments, suggestion to further improve this free course are welcome. You can raise any doubts, discuss about topics and suggestions (if any) in our FORUM @ https://www.tnpsc.academy/forum/tnpsc-discuss/tnpsc-discussion/

To Download TNPSC General English Syllabus, Visit our Syllabus Page ->>

TNPSC General English syllabus is given as PART A, PART B & PART C.

PART A         – English Grammar

PART B & C – Prose, Poetry & Supplementary

Total 100 questions are asked in the General English optional paper and each question carries 1.5 marks (total 150 marks).

Our analysis of past TNPSC General English Question Papers shows that, PART B & PART C covers more questions in exam than PART A. Based on this, PART B & C has been given more importance throughout this study course.

This course fully covers all the TNPSC General English Optional Syllabus.

Based on Importance PART B & PART C is given at first and PART A is given in the last sections. We highly recommend you to complete PART B & C first before going to PART A as more questions in TNPSC Exams are being asked from these.

Many syllabuses from PART B & PART C coincide with each other. Hence to make the study easy for aspirants, we have combined the same syllabuses within one section, so that everything can be completed within that section. (Our course curriculum reveals this).

The TNPSC General English Syllabus & Our Course Curriculum for approaching the syllabus is given below. We highly recommend you to have a glance on the Syllabus & Course Curriculum before you start studying.

All the literary works from Samacheer books are included for reference.

The poems are italicized to separate it from other lessons.

The Bolded line in the poem shows the important lines for memorizing.

The Bolded lines in the prose shows the important quotes.

In Biography section, separate biographies of persons are included along with the reference to the sections in Samacheer books.

Model Questions & Tests will be updated to each section shortly. Kindly check the course for updates at some intervals. Meanwhile for test questions, refer our General English Tests @ https://www.tnpsc.academy/online-test

Course Curriculum

Figures of Speech, Important Lines, Appreciation Questions from Poem
Figures of Speech – IntroductionFREE 00:00:00
A Psalm of LifeFREE 00:00:00
Women’s RightFREE 00:00:00
The Nation UnitedFREE 00:00:00
English WordsFREE 00:00:00
SnakeFREE 00:00:00
The Man He KilledFREE 00:00:00
Off to Outer Space Tomorrow MorningFREE 00:00:00
Sonnet no.116FREE 00:00:00
The Solitary ReaperFREE 00:00:00
Be the BestFREE 00:00:00
O Captain! My Captain!FREE 00:00:00
Laugh and be MerryFREE 00:00:00
EarthFREE 00:00:00
Don’t QuitFREE 00:00:00
The ApologyFREE 00:00:00
Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your FaceFREE 00:00:00
A Sonnet for My Incomparable MotherFREE 00:00:00
The Flying WonderFREE 00:00:00
To a MillionaireFREE 00:00:00
The PianoFREE 00:00:00
ManlinessFREE 00:00:00
Going for WaterFREE 00:00:00
The Cry Of The ChildrenFREE 00:00:00
Migrant birdFREE 00:00:00
ShilpiFREE 00:00:00
Questions on the Biography
Mahatma GandhiFREE 00:00:00
Jawaharlal NehruFREE 00:00:00
Subash Chandra BoseFREE 00:00:00
Helen KellerFREE 00:00:00
Kalpana ChawalaFREE 00:00:00
Dr. Salim AliFREE 00:00:00
Rani of JhansiFREE 00:00:00
Nelson MandelaFREE 00:00:00
Abraham LincolnFREE 00:00:00
Questions on Shakespeare’s
Merchant of Venice (Act IV Court Scene)FREE 00:00:00
Julius Caesar (Act III Scene 2)FREE 00:00:00
Sonnet No. 116FREE 00:00:00
Question from Oscar Wilde’s
The Model MillionaireFREE 00:00:00
The Selfish GiantFREE 00:00:00
Question from Dr.Karl Paulnack
Music-The Hope RaiserFREE 00:00:00
Gopala Krishna Gokhale’s SpeechFREE 00:00:00
Dale Carnegie’s ‘The Road to successFREE 00:00:00
Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam’s – Vision for the nation (from India 2020)FREE 00:00:00
Ruskin Bond’s ‘Our Local Team’FREE 00:00:00
Hope Spencer’s ‘Keep your spirits high’FREE 00:00:00
Deepa Agarwal’s ‘After the storm’FREE 00:00:00
Brian Patten’s ‘You can’t be that no you can’t be that’FREE 00:00:00
Ahtushi Deshpande’s ‘To the land of snow’FREE 00:00:00
Manohar Devadoss – Yaanai MalaiFREE 00:00:00
Brihadeesvarar TempleFREE 00:00:00
British English and American English
British English and American EnglishFREE 00:00:00
Match Authors
Poems with poetsFREE 00:00:00
Authors and their Short StoryFREE 00:00:00
Nationality of StoryFREE 00:00:00
Nationality of PoetFREE 00:00:00
Characters, Quotes, Important Lines - Indian Authors
Farmer – Thakazhi Sivasankaran PillaiFREE 00:00:00
Punishment in Kindergarten – Kamala DasFREE 00:00:00
My Grandmother’s House – Kamala DasFREE 00:00:00
Swami and the Sum – R.K.NarayanFREE 00:00:00
Where the mind is without fear – Rabindranath TagoreFREE 00:00:00
Kari the Elephant – Dhan Gopal MukherjiFREE 00:00:00
After the Storm – Deepa AgarwalFREE 00:00:00
Vision for the Nation – Dr. APJ Abdul KalamFREE 00:00:00
The Neem Tree – Indra Anantha KrishnaFREE 00:00:00
The Ant Eater and the Dassie – Lakshmi MukuntanFREE 00:00:00
The Sun Beam – Dr. Neeraja RaghavanFREE 00:00:00
Drama – Famous Lines, Characters, Quotes
Drama – Julius Caesar – Famous Lines, Characters, QuotesFREE 00:00:00
Drama – Merchant of Venice – Famous Lines, Characters, QuotesFREE 00:00:00
Indian – Major Folk Dance Styles
Indian – Major Folk Dance StylesFREE 00:00:00
Characters in the Short Story
Characters in the Short Story 00:00:00
About the Poets
About the PoetsFREE 00:00:00
About the Dramatists
About the DramatistsFREE 00:00:00
Important Lines of Poem
Granny Granny Please Comb My HairFREE 00:00:00
With a FriendFREE 00:00:00
To cook and EatFREE 00:00:00
To India – My Native LandFREE 00:00:00
A Tiger in the ZooFREE 00:00:00
No men are foreignFREE 00:00:00
Laugh and be Merry – PoemFREE 00:00:00
The Apology – Important Lines of PoemFREE 00:00:00
The Flying Wonder – Important Lines of PoemFREE 00:00:00
Various Works of Authors
Various Works of AuthorsFREE 00:00:00
Themes of Literary Works
Snake – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
The Mark of VishnuFREE 00:00:00
Greedy GovindFREE 00:00:00
Our Local Team – Themes in Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Where The Mind is Without Fear – Theme of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Keep your spirits high – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Be the Best – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Bat – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
The Piano – Themes in Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
The Model Millionaire – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
The Cry of the Children – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Migrant Bird – Themes of Literary WorkFREE 00:00:00
Shilpi – Themes of Literary WorksFREE 00:00:00
Famous Quotes – Who said this?
Famous Quotes – Who Said This?FREE 00:00:00
Nature Centred Literary Works
A Flight with the moon on their wingsFREE 00:00:00
Migrant bird – Nature centered literary worksFREE 00:00:00
Will thirst Become Unquenchable?FREE 00:00:00
Going for Water – Nature centered literary worksFREE 00:00:00
Swept away – Nature centered literary worksFREE 00:00:00
Gaia Tells Her Tale – Nature centered literary worksFREE 00:00:00
Phrases with their Meanings – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Synonyms and Antonyms – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Prefix and Suffix – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Articles – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Prepositions – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Question Tag – General English GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Tense-GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Voices – GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Sentence Pattern – GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Homophones – GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Singular and PluralFREE 00:00:00
Degrees of ComparisonFREE 00:00:00
Blending of Words – GrammarFREE 00:00:00
Compound Words – GrammarFREE 00:00:00
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