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TNPSC General Studies Development Administration in Tamil Nadu Free Study Course was compiled based on the SAMACHEER Book compilation for TNPSC Exam preparations. The available Samacheer materials are re-arranged and compiled based on TNPSC General Studies Syllabus for Development Administration in Tamil Nadu subject. This Full Free Course has been prepared strictly adhering to the revised TNPSC Group 2 and 2A Syllabus and also covers all the topics.

TNPSC Group 2 and 2A Test Series with Development Administration in Tamil Nadu Subject will be conducted based on this Free Course.

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This TNPSC Development Administration in Tamil Nadu Full Free Course has been prepared with at most conscious and keeping in mind all the relevance of TNPSC Development Administration in Tamil Nadu subject. All discussions, comments, suggestion to further improve this free course are welcome. You can raise any doubts, discuss about topics and suggestions (if any) in our FORUM @ https://www.tnpsc.academy/forum/tnpsc-discuss/tnpsc-discussion/

Course Curriculum

Std 9 – Understanding Development Perspective FREE 00:20:00
Std 10 – India – Population, Transport, Communication and Trade FREE 00:05:00
Std 10 – Gross Domestic Product and Its Growth – an Introduction FREE 00:15:00
Std-11-Indian Economy before and after Independence – Page 182 to 187 FREE 00:20:00
Std-11- Human Resource Development FREE 00:30:00
Std-7-Political Parties FREE 00:15:00
Std-9-Election, Political Parties and Pressure Group FREE 00:20:00
Std – 11 – Public opinion and party system FREE 00:40:00
Std-11 – Basic concepts of Political Science – Part I Page 42-70 FREE 01:00:00
Std-12-Constitution of India-Page 15-16 FREE 00:10:00
Std-11-Social Justice FREE 00:45:00
Std-10-Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-Tamil Nadu Economy FREE 00:45:00
Std-11-Economic Growth and Development FREE 00:10:00
Std-6-Achieving Equality FREE 00:20:00
Std-8-Understanding Secularism FREE 00:15:00
Std-11-Social Responsibility of Business FREE 00:20:00
Std-12-Envisioning A New Socio-Economic Order FREE 00:45:00
Social Welfare Programmes – சமூக நல திட்டங்கள் FREE 01:00:00
Std-10-Food Security and Nutrition FREE 00:30:00
Education in Tamil Nadu FREE 01:00:00
Health in Tamil Nadu FREE 00:45:00
Std-7-Tourism Page 153 – 159 FREE 00:30:00
Std-9-Climate of Tamil Nadu FREE 00:20:00
Std-9-Resources of Tamil Nadu FREE 00:30:00
Std-9-Tamil Nadu Manufacturing Industries FREE 00:20:00
Std-9-Geography of Tamil Nadu FREE 00:15:00
Std-9-Physiography of Tamil Nadu FREE 00:15:00
Std-9-Tamil Nadu Agriculture FREE 00:30:00
Unit-10-Physical geography of Tamil Nadu FREE 00:45:00
E-Governance in Tamil Nadu – மின்னாளுகை FREE 01:00:00

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