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How to Approach TNPSC Chemistry Group 2 Free Course?

TNPSC General Studies Group 2 Chemistry Free Study Course was compiled based on the SAMACHEER Book compilation and other materials for TNPSC Exam preparations. The available Samacheer materials are re-arranged and compiled based on TNPSC General Studies Syllabus for Chemistry subject. This Full Free Course has been prepared strictly adhering to the revised TNPSC Syllabus and also covers all the topics.

TNPSC Group 2 Test Series with Chemistry Subject will be conducted based on this Free Course.

This TNPSC Chemistry Group 2 Full Free Course has been prepared with at most conscious and keeping in mind all the relevance of TNPSC Chemistry subject.

Course Curriculum

Chemistry of ores and metals
Std 8 – Coal and Petroleum FREE 00:15:00
Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds
Std 9 – Chemical equation FREE 00:15:00
Std 10 – Carbon and its compounds FREE 00:15:00
Elements and Compounds - Acids, bases and salts - Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides - Oxidation and reduction
Std 6 – Chemistry in Daily life FREE 00:10:00
Std 6 – Separation of Substances FREE 00:10:00
Std 6 – Changes around us FREE 00:10:00
Std 7 – Matter in our surroundings FREE 00:10:00
Std 7 – Matter and its nature FREE 00:10:00
Std 7 – Combustion and Flame FREE 00:10:00
Std 8 – Elements and Compounds around us FREE 00:10:00
Std 8 – Air, Water and Soil Pollution FREE 00:10:00
Std 9 –Is matter around us pure? FREE 00:10:00
Std 9 – Periodic Classifications of elements FREE 00:10:00
Std 10 – Solutions FREE 00:10:00
Std 10 – Chemical Reactions FREE 00:10:00
Std 10 – Periodic Classification of Elements FREE 00:10:00
Evaluation Exercises
Std 11 – Evaluation Exercises FREE 00:10:00
Std 12 – Evaluation Exercises FREE 00:10:00
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