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TNPSC Current Affairs May 07, 2018

www.tnpsc.academy – TNPSC Current Affairs May 07, 2018 (07/05/2018)


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Topic : India’s Foreign Policy, Latest Diary of Events, General Administration

Border Roads Organisation (BRO)

Border Roads Organisation (BRO), is celebrating its Raising Day on 07 May 2018. It is celebrating its 58 years of glorious service to the nation.


Since its inception in 1960, so far the Organisation has grown from 02 to 19 projects.

The works executed have ensured the territorial integrity and the socio-economic upliftment of the most inaccessible regions of the country as well as India’s neighbourhood.


Topic : Latest Diary of Events

First organised census for Indus dolphins

For the conservation of Indus dolphins – one of the world’s rarest mammals – the Punjab government along with WWF-India are conducting the first organised census on their population.

About Indus Dolphins:

A blind species that communicates through echo like bats do, Indus dolphins are one of the seven freshwater dolphins found across the world.

They are found only in India and Pakistan. In Punjab, they are confined to only a 185 km stretch between Talwara and Harike Barrage in India’s Beas river in Punjab.

The most flourishing population of the Indus dolphin, platanista gangetica minor, is found across Pakistan where their numbers are estimated to be around 1,800 over a stretch of 1,500 km of the Indus river.

It is listed by the IUCN as endangered on its red list of threatened species. IUCN suspects the population size of the Indus river dolphins has reduced by more than 50% since 1944.


Topic : New Inventions on Science and Health, Latest Diary of Events

Brown peach aphid

It is an insect that attacks temperate fruit trees.

Why in news?

It has been recorded for the first time in Kashmir Valley, the fruit bowl of India.

About Brown peach aphid:

Aphids feed on the saps of plants, attacking plant tissues that transport food to all different plant parts.

The brown peach aphid Pterochloroides persicae is a notorious pest of peach and almond trees in the Mediterranean regions.

In India, the aphid was recorded for the first time in the 1970s from Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

The tiny (nearly 3 mm long) aphids thrived best during the months of April, May, September and October.


The spread of the aphid could affect the local economy which is dependent on fruit trees to a large extent. But if the infestation is not controlled, the invasive aphid can spread fast.


Topic : Space Technology, Latest Diary of Events


China has launched the APStar-6C communications satellite on a Long March-3B/G2 ‘Chang Zheng-3B/G2’ launch vehicle.

Key facts:

The satellite will replace the in-orbit APSTAR-6 satellite in 2018, providing high power transponder services to customers across the Asia-Pacific region for VSAT, video distribution, DTH and cellular backhaul applications.


Topic : Mass Communication, Information and Technology


It is a malware allegedly designed by Pakistani hackers.

The RAT was first detected by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-In, on various computers in 2017.

It is designed to infliltrate computers and steal the data of users, and relay the stolen data to Command and Control centres in other countries.

The ‘RAT’ in its name stands for Remote Access Trojan, which is a program capable of being controlled remotely and thus difficult to trace.

Why in news?

It has recently been updated further and equipped with anti-malware evasion capabilities.

The latest update to the program by its developers is part of GravityRAT’s function as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), which, once it infiltrates a system, silently evolves and does long-term damage.


Topic : Latest International Events

Elections in Lebanon

Lebanon holds its first parliamentary election since 2009. In official results, Hezbollah and allied parties win a slight majority of seats in Parliament.

Key facts:

Elections in Lebanon are allotted to occur every four years. Every citizen is allowed to vote, but the positions are constitutionally allocated by religious affiliation. In 2014, the Parliament failed to elect a president and extended its own term.

Lebanese presidential elections are indirect, with the President being elected to a 6-year term by the Parliament.

The last elections took place on June 7, 2009. The Rafik Hariri Martyr List, an anti-Syrian bloc led by Saad Hariri, captured control of the legislature winning 71 of the 128 available seats.

The Amal-Hezbollah alliance won 30 seats, with 27 seats going to the Free Patriotic Movement and allied parties.


Topic : Sports and Medals, Persons in News

Lalith Babu won silver medal in National blitz Championship

Grandmaster M.R Lalith Babu, won a silver in the National blitz championship 2018.

Already he won the gold medal in the National rapid chess championship.

Lalith Babu is the current National champion in the classical format.

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