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TNPSC Current Affairs March 16, 2018

www.tnpsc.academy – TNPSC Current Affairs March 16, 2018 (16/03/2018)


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Topic : Games and Sports, Latest Diary of Events

2017–18 Deodhar Trophy

The 2017–18 Deodhar Trophy was the 45th edition of the Deodhar Trophy, a List A cricket competition in India.

It was contested between Karnataka, the winner of the 2017–18 Vijay Hazare Trophy and two other teams selected by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

It was played from 4 to 8 March 2018. India B defeated Karnataka in the final by 6 wickets to win the trophy.


Topic: Women related issues

LaQshya programme

The Union Health Ministry has announced the launch of LaQshya, a programme aimed at improving quality of care in labour room and maternity operation theatre.

About the Programme:

It is an initiative to improve the quality of care in the labour rooms, operation theatres and other mother and child areas in public health facilities across the country.

The programme aims at implementing ‘fast-track’ interventions for achieving tangible results within 18 months.

Significance of the scheme:

The available evidence shows that the first day of birth is the day of greatest risk for mothers and newborns.

The programme will improve the quality of care for pregnant women in labour rooms, maternity operation theatres, and obstetrics Intensive Care Units and High Dependency Units.


Topic : World Records and Summits, Latest Diary of Events

World Happiness Index 2018

World Happiness Report for the year 2018 has been released.

The World Happiness Report 2018, ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants.

About the World Happiness Report:

The World Happiness Report is a measure of happiness published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

How are the countries ranked?

The rankings are based on Gallup polls of self-reported wellbeing, as well as perceptions of corruption, generosity and freedom.

Performance of various countries:

Finland has been ranked the most stable, the safest and best governed country in the world.

It is also among the least corrupt and the most socially progressive.

Its police are the world’s most trusted and its banks the soundest. Finland’s immigrants are also the happiest immigrant population in the world.

Top ten in order of overall happiness are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia.

The United States came in at 18th, down from 14th place last year. Britain was 19th and the United Arab Emirates 20th.

Performance of India and its neighbours:

India ranked 133rd, far behind Pakistan and Nepal.

It was placed 122nd last year, which was a drop from 118th rank the preceding year.

Among the eight Saarc nations, Pakistan was at 75th position, up five spots from last year.

Nepal stood at 101, Bhutan at 97, Bangladesh at 115 while Sri Lanka was at 116.

China is far ahead at 86th spot.


Topic : Mass Communication, Latest Diary of Events

8th Theatre Olympics

Jaipur is all set to be one of the co-hosts of the 8th Theatre Olympics, the largest international theatre festival to be held for the first time in India.

About Theatre Olympics:

The Theatre Olympics was established in 1993 in Delphi, Greece, on the initiative of the famous Greek theatre director, Theodoros Terzopoulos.

It is an international theatre festival, which is presenting some of the achievements of the greatest theatre practitioners from around the world.

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