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TNPSC Current Affairs December 30, 2019

www.tnpsc.academy – TNPSC Current Affairs Dec 30, 2019 (30/12/2019)

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Topic: Profile of States, General Administration

Instrument of Accession

From 2020, people in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have a public holiday on October 26 for the first time.

The day, which will be observed as Accession Day, marks the signing of the Instrument of Accession by the last Dogra ruler of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh, with the then Governor-General of India, Lord Mountbatten.

What happened on October 26?

As per the Indian Independence Act, 1947, British India was divided into India and Pakistan and the roughly 580 princely states that had signed subsidiary alliances with the British had their sovereignty restored to them.

In essence, these princely states were given the option to remain independent or to join the Dominion of India or Pakistan.

According to Section 6(a) of the Act, before joining India or Pakistan, these states had to sign an Instrument of Accession, in which they would specify the terms on which they were becoming part of the new dominions.

What is Instrument of Accession of J&K?

It is a legal document executed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the then ruler of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, on October 26, 1947. It declared that the state of Jammu and Kashmir accedes to India.

The IoA gave India’s Parliament the power to legislate in respect of J&K only on the matters of defence, external affairs and communications.

Apart from defence, communications and external affairs, the IoA mentions ancillary subjects that include elections to the dominion legislature and offences against laws with respect to any of the said matters.

Using IoA, Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution of India.


Topic: Latest Report and Summits, Latest Diary of Events

The India State of Forest Report 2019

The India State of Forest Report 2019 has been released.

Key findings:

Total tree and forest cover in the country increased by 5,188 square kilometer in the last two years.

There is an increase of 42.6 million tonnes in the carbon stock of the country as compared to the last assessment of 2017.

There is a decrease of forest cover to the extent of 765 sq km (0.45 per cent) in northeast India region. Except Assam and Tripura, all states in the region show decrease in forest cover.

The loss in the North East is attributed primarily due to the traditional farming practice of Shifting Cultivation.

The mangrove cover in the country has increased by 54 sq km (1.10 per cent) as compared to the previous assessment.

Karnataka tops the country in growing the maximum amount of forest in the last two years.

Karnataka is followed by Andhra Pradesh (990 sq km) and Kerala (823 sq km).

Total bamboo bearing area of the country is estimated as 1,60,037 sq km. There is an increase of 3,229 sq km in bamboo bearing area as compared to the previous estimate.


Topic: Awareness in Space, Persons in News, Latest Diary of Events

Longest single spacewalk by a woman

US astronaut Christina Koch has set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman when she reached, and crossed, 289 days in her current mission.

Koch has already made history once in her stay aboard the ISS. In October, she was part of the first all-female spacewalk, together with Jessica Meir.

The previous record for women was set by another American, Peggy Whitson, in 2016-2017.


Topic: Places in News

Drake Passage

It is the body of water between South America’s Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica.

It connects the southwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean (Scotia Sea) with the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean and extends into the Southern Ocean.

It is the shortest crossing from Antarctica to any other landmass. There is no significant land anywhere around the world at the latitudes of Drake Passage, which is important to the unimpeded flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which carries a huge volume of water through the Passage and around Antarctica.

The passage is named after Sir Francis Drake, who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.


Topic: Internatioanl Diary of Events

Russia Avangard missile

It is Russian military’s first Avangard hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). It can fly 27 times the speed of sound.

The missile system is a reentry body carried atop an existing ballistic missile, which has the capability to manoeuvre. It’s manoeuvring capability makes it difficult to predict its trajectory and gives it the ability to protect itself from the air and ballistic missile defences by delivering nuclear warheads to targets

The Avangard missiles have a range of over 6,000 km, weigh approximately 2,000 kg and can withstand temperatures of over 2000 degree celsius.


Topic: Profile of States, Latest Diary of Events

M.P. gets its first elephant colony in Bandhavgarh forest

Madhya Pradesh gets its first elephant colony located in Bandhavgarh forest.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve: In 1968, it was notified as a national park and in 1993 was declared a tiger reserve- under the Project Tiger Network.

It resides on the extreme north eastern border of Madhya Pradesh and the northern edges of the Satpura mountain ranges.


Topic: Latest Diary of Events, Places in News

World’s oldest rhino’ dies in Tanzania

Fausta, a female black rhino, who was believed to be the world’s oldest rhino has died at the age of 57 in a Tanzanian conservation area.  Fausta died of natural causes in captivity in Ngorongoro Crater, which lies in Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Tanzania.

Key facts:

The records kept by Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority showed that Fausta lived (longer) than any rhino in world. She survived free-ranging in Ngorongoro, for more than 54 years before being kept in a sanctuary for last 3 years of its life in 2016. Hher health deteriorated from 2016 after hyena attacks, thus she was taken into refuge.


Topic: Sports and Medals, Persons in News

Koneru Humpy bags 2019 World Rapid Chess title

Indian Grandmaster Koneru Humpy won the 2019 Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion tiltle. In the finals, Humpy defeated China’s Lei Tingjie in Moscow, Russia.

Key Facts:

Humpy, who is India’s best-ever women’s chess player, was crowned world women’s rapid champion at the same venue where Norwegian grandmaster and also classical chess champion Magnus Carlsen won men’s title in space of a few minutes.


Topic: New Appointments, Persons in News

General Bipin Rawat appointed as CDS officer

General Bipin Rawat was appointed as the Chief of Defence Staff. He recently retired as Chief of Army Staff and was succeeded by General Manoj Mukund.

Key facts:

Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the post of Chief of Defence Staff in the rank of four star general. The salaries and perks of the CDS is equivalent to service chief. The CDS will also head the Department of Military affairs which is to be created with in the Ministry of Defence.


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