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Special Hero

Special Hero

When I was a baby,

you would hold me in your arms.

I felt the love and tenderness,

keeping me safe from harm.

I would look up into your eyes,

and all the love I would see.

How did I get so lucky,

you were the dad chosen for me.

There is something special

about a father's love.

Seems it was sent to me

from someplace up above.

Our love is everlasting,

I just wanted you to know.

That you're my special hero

and I wanted to tell you so.

- Christina M Kerschen


tenderness (n) – gentleness and kindness

everlasting (adj) – lasting forever or a very long time

special(adj) – different from what is usual

Find a line from the poem to match the statements given below and write it in the blanks.

1. He always saves me from harm --------------------------------------------------.

Ans: Keeping me safe from harm

2. I am so lucky to get you --------------------------------------------------.

Ans: How did I get so lucky

3. The affection between us has no end --------------------------------------------------.

Ans: Our love is everlasting

Answer the following questions.

1. Who is the speaker?

Ans: The poet is the speaker.

2. Who is the special hero mentioned in the poem?

Ans: The poet’s father is the special hero mentioned in the poem.

3. How did the child feel when it was held by its dad?

Seems it was sent to me

From someplace up above.

Ans: The child felt the kindness and love of her father and also felt that she was safe from any harm and seems that her father was specially sent to her.

4. What do the above lines mean?

Ans: The above lines means that, the father is chosen specially and sent from someplace up above (heaven).

5. What did the child want to tell its dad?

Ans: The child wanted to tell her dad that he was her special hero.

Work in pairs and answer the questions below.

1. "There is something special

about a father's love".

Identify the alliteration in the given lines.

Ans: something special

2. Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

Ans: see – me, love – above

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