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    Keerthana Krishnan

    How can i differentiate Anaphora and Repetition??


    Rick Sanchez

    Anaphora itself a Repetition. A repetition is a literary device to emphasize any given phrase. It has many parts,anaphora one of it.

    You may ask what is the difference between Anaphora and Epistrophe ? That would be correct.

    Anaphora is repeating the same words in beginning. For ex, I like India because I born here,I like this land because it’s gifted with nature,I like this country because it has heritage of over 6000 years. Here I repeatedly used ‘I like’in beginning , It’s Anaphora.

    Epistrophe (Not Apostrophe) On the other hands same rules except, same words at end of the lines.

    ex, Ab’s famous quote. Of the people, for the people, by the people. Here ‘THE PEOPLE’ repetitive in the end of sentence.

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    Abirami RameshPrabu

    Anaphora is the repetition of a word/a phrase in the beginning of each line or a stanza of the poem in a specific pattern.

    e.g: O Captain! My Captain! …….

    O Captain! My Captain!….

    Repetition refers to a word/a phrase simply getting repeated in the poem without any specific pattern.

    e.g: I ran, ran, ran,……




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