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Books for TNPSC Indian Constitution and Indian Economy.

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    tnpsc Academy

    Originally asked by Selvi in https://www.tnpsc.academy/tnpsc-group-4-cut-off-marks-2016/#comment-119


    can u tell the name of the book to study the entire indian constitution and indian economy?

    Do v need to study  entire topics in 6th t0 10th books for science and social or the the topics in the syllabus s enough?

    in tamil part, they r asking questions apart from books also. so which book to study extra


    tnpsc Academy

    To study the entire Indian Constitution and Indian Economy, we suggest to go with


    For Indian Constitution – Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

    For Indian Economy  – Indian Economy by Shankarganesh


    The above given books are suggested primarily for UPSC. Also, these were the books which cover the entire Indian Constitution and Indian Economy. Since they were of UPSC oriented book, they are bulky for TNPSC. So, first complete the available portions from Samacheer Books for Indian Constitution and Indian Economy and then for some topics, go with the above books.

    For Samacheer breakup of syllabus and topic approach, pls read our Integrated Preparation Strategy by visiting:



    What to Prepare for TNPSC from Laxmikanth and Shankarganesh Books?

    Indian Constitution:

    TNPSC’s mode of questions for Indian Constitution mainly covers the Important Articles, Schedules, Important Amendments and other important topics alone. So Just have a glance on these topics and Study thoroughly the  Important  Articles, Schedules and Important Amendments. These will cover most of the Indian Constitution.

    If you wish to read the entire Laxmikanth, you can do so. But our point here is, for TNPSC that much is not needed, rather you can use that time for preparing other subjects.


    Indian Economy:

    In Indian Economy from Shankarganesh, just go through the important terms. It is enough to know the the meaning of terms and what is their usage. Again, it is not needed to read all the portions from Shankarganesh, you can read the important terms alone.


    tnpsc Academy

    Regarding Science and Social Preparation: 

    It is very important to go with all the topics of Science and Social books from Samacheer. Because, TNPSC is asking from those areas also, which are not exclusively given in their syllabus. Do remember to first finish the topics given in syllabus and then go with other topics.

    As we have given above, you can read our Integrated Preparation Strategy for more clarity on topics and tnpsc preparation.  


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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