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Course Curriculum

History Introduction – அறிமுகம் FREE 00:10:00
Indus valley civilization
Std-6-Indus Civilisation FREE 00:30:00
Std-9-Evolution of Humans and Society FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-Early India From Beginning to the Indus FREE 00:40:00
Std-11-Early India The Chalcolithic Megalithic FREE 00:40:00
Std-11-Harappan Culture FREE 00:15:00
Std-6-The Age of Empires Guptas and Vardhanas FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-Polity and Society in Post Mauryan Period FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-The Guptas FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-Gupta Empire FREE 00:20:00
Delhi Sultans
Std-7-Arab and Turkish Invasion FREE 00:10:00
Std-7-Delhi Sultanate FREE 00:20:00
Std-9-Medieval Age FREE 00:25:00
Std-11-Advent of Arabs and Turks FREE 00:50:00
Std-11-Delhi Sultanate FREE 00:30:00
Mughals and Marathas
Std-7-The Mughal Empire FREE 00:30:00
Std-8-The Great Mughals FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-The Mughal Empire FREE 01:00:00
Std-7-Rise of Marathas and Peshwas FREE 00:20:00
Std-8-Rise of the Marathas FREE 00:20:00
Std-11-The Marathas FREE 00:40:00
Age of Vijayanagaram and Bahmani Kingdoms
Std-7-The Kingdoms of the Deccan FREE 00:20:00
Std-7-The Vijayanagar and Bhamani Kingdoms FREE 00:15:00
Std-11-Bahmani and Vijayanagar Kingdoms FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-The Vijayanagar and Bhamani Kingdoms FREE 00:15:00
South Indian history - Change and Continuity in the Socio - Cultural History of India - Characteristics of Indian culture, Unity in diversity – Race, language, custom - India as a Secular State, Social Harmony.
Std-6-Ancient cities of Tamilagam FREE 00:15:00
Std-6-South Indian Kingdoms FREE 00:30:00
Std-7-Emergence of New Kingdoms in South India- Cholas and Pandyas FREE 00:20:00
Std-8-The Nayak Rule in Tamil Country FREE 00:12:00
Std-8-The Rule of Marathas of Thanjavur FREE 00:10:00
Std-9-Early Tamil Society and culture FREE 00:40:00
Std-9-State and Society in Medieval India FREE 00:30:00
Std-10-Social Transformation in Tamil Nadu FREE 00:30:00
Std-11-Cultural development in South India FREE 00:40:00
Std-11-Later Cholas and Pandyas FREE 00:45:00
Std-11-Cultural Syncretism-Bhakti Movement in India FREE 00:20:00
Std-11-South Indian Kingdom – I Pallavas FREE 00:15:00
Std-11-South Indian Kingdom – II Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas FREE 00:15:00
Std-11-Imperial Cholas FREE 00:15:00
Std-6-Understanding Diversity FREE 00:20:00
Std-8-Educational Development in India FREE 00:00:00
Std-8-Development of Industries in India FREE 00:20:00
Std-11-The Spread of Indian Culture in Other Asian Countries FREE 00:15:00
Std-12-இந்தியப் பண்பாட்டின் இயல்புகள் FREE 00:40:00
Std-12-வேற்றுமையில் ஒற்றுமை FREE 00:35:00
Std-12-வேத காலப் பண்பாடு FREE 00:45:00
Std-12-இந்தியப் பண்பாடும் சமயங்களும் FREE 01:00:00
Std-12-இந்தியப் பண்பாட்டிற்குப் பேரரசுகளின் கோடை FREE 02:00:00
Std-12-பக்தி இயக்கம் FREE 00:50:00
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