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Group 2 – Where to Study

TNPSC Group 2 - Where to Study.

Group 2 – Where to Study – UPDATED for 2019

TNPSC Group 2 Exam Syllabus Analysis

This section covers the books and study materials for the above syllabus. This TNPSC Group 2 exam preparation strategy focuses on giving you the simplified books rather than listing complicated and costly study materials. We are not just going to list the books needed for each syllabus. Instead, each and every topic will be analysed separately and individual topic oriented preparation chapters will be specified. As we have already pointed out in our Integrated Preparation Strategy this Group 2 preparation strategy too relies on Samacheer Books. You can read the importance of Samacheer books for TNPSC Exam preparation here.

[UPDATED – 2019] Download Group 2 Where to Study in PDF – English.

[UPDATED – 2019] Download Group 2 Where to Study (எங்கிருந்து படிப்பது) – Tamil PDF 

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