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Group 2 – What to Study

Group 2 Syllabus

Group 2 General Studies Syllabus Topics can be summarised as

Science – Physics, Chemistry, Botany &Zoology

Current Affairs of History, Polity, Geography, Economy & Science


History and Culture of India

Indian Polity

Indian Economy

Indian National Movement

Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

TNPSC has given a clear cut syllabus for above topics. It is important to know from where to study those topics. The breakup of Syllabus and detailed analysis to study those syllabus topics is given in next unit.

What to study is what TNPSC has given us as the Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

TNPSC Group 2 Syllabus – Download PDF :

In Englishதமிழில் (prepared by TNPSC.Academy)

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